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What to look for in a HEALTHY Church – Part 3 (Humble leaders & Living what we believe)

//What to look for in a HEALTHY Church – Part 3 (Humble leaders & Living what we believe)

What to look for in a HEALTHY Church – Part 3 (Humble leaders & Living what we believe)

Welcome back to our discussion on “What to look for in a HEALTHY Church.  In Part 1 we looked at the importance of finding a Church which values the Word of God and has doctrine with Scriptural Integrity.  In Part 2 we looked at finding a Church that preaches the Gospel and prioritizes reaching out to non-Christians with it.  Today we’re discussing the importance of being in a Church run by humble leaders, who lead with integrity and finding a Church where people live out the Word they have received!

As I explained in a previous post, we’re making use of Joshua Harris’ book, “Why Church Matters” and looking at factors he believes are integral to finding a healthy Church.  As comments roll in we hope to expand on these and do a couple of posts on some of the non-negotiables you guys are sharing in the comments.

Humble Leaders with Integrity

Perhaps one of the hardest things to ascertain, but the most important thing to consider is the Leadership of the Church which you join.  There is such a fine line between judging others and using discernment when selecting the Church God has called you to.

“No pastor is perfect, but when it comes to evaluating a Church’s leaders, you want to find men you can trust and who’s example you can follow.” – Joshua Harris

In 1 Timothy 3 we read that a Church leader should be above reproach, sober-minded, respectable, self-controlled, non violent but gentle, hospitable, not quarrelsome and not a lover of money.  Essentially, someone who purports to call themself a Church leader is someone who is striving to live as Jesus lived and who has their people’s best interests at heart.

Jesus was a servant leader, and the best leaders are those with the same kind of heart.  Leaders who do their best to live lives above reproach.  Leaders who are accountable to people in their lives and to their congregation.

But how can we see into the heart of a leader?  Determine which values are important to them.  Critically examine what they preach.  Listen to what they pray.  Look at how they treat people.  These are the things to look for.  It’s funny, but I’ve always said that one of the best ways to determine the heart of a leader is to attend the Church’s prayer meeting and hear what it is he/she brings before God.

Above all, let God guide you and help you to carefully discern the heart of the Leaders either f the Church you are in or would like to join, as the human heart is prone to lead us astray and prone to judgement.

People who live what they believe

There is no Church on the face of the planet that is able to live out God’s word perfectly, at least I’ve never found one, but if you find yourself in a Church that simply hearers of the Word, but aren’t living it out, tread carefully.  Again, be careful not to enter into a space of judgement, but rather ask God to help you discern whether this is a place where people prize His Word so highly that it transforms them and changes the way they live.

“The Church you’re looking for will seek to build a culture and community of both hearing and obeying God’s Word.” Joshua Harris [Click to Tweet This!]

A healthy Church seeks to help its members become disciples of Jesus by helping them to mature by learning to live in a Godly way in every area of their lives.  Look for a Church with Leaders who try to live with Integrity and Humility and who encourage their members to do the same!

Bless you all in your desire to either help your Church become more healthy or in finding a great group of believers you can journey with.  Please drop me a comment below and subscribe to my newsletter if you want regular updates (on the top left of this page).



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