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What to look for in a HEALTHY Church – Part 3 (Humble leaders & Living what we believe)

By | 2017-07-16T18:21:19+00:00 May 15th, 2015|General Ministry|

Welcome back to our discussion on “What to look for in a HEALTHY Church.  In Part 1 we looked at the importance of finding a Church which values the Word of God and has doctrine with Scriptural Integrity.  In Part 2 we looked at finding a Church that preaches the Gospel and prioritizes reaching out to non-Christians with [...]

Boost Your Ministry – Ministry Chatter, Training, Resources and more…

By | 2017-07-16T18:21:58+00:00 February 28th, 2015|Ministry Musings|

Bill Hybels is known for coining the phrase: “The Local Church is the Hope of the World”, and I believe there is so much truth in that statement.  Sadly, most Church’s don’t have the resources, the training or the knowledge to be that hope, and many of them find themselves hobbling along.  My hope is that [...]