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Boost Your Ministry – Ministry Chatter, Training, Resources and more…

//Boost Your Ministry – Ministry Chatter, Training, Resources and more…

Boost Your Ministry – Ministry Chatter, Training, Resources and more…

Bill Hybels is known for coining the phrase: “The Local Church is the Hope of the World”, and I believe there is so much truth in that statement.  Sadly, most Church’s don’t have the resources, the training or the knowledge to be that hope, and many of them find themselves hobbling along.  My hope is that this blog will become a place people can connect with each other, can find resources and can start to think more deeply about the Ministry they do or would like to do.

Hi all, my name is Taiki (weird , I know – it’s Greek). I’m a 33 year old Pastor from Pretoria, South Africa who lives to empower the Local Church.  I love what I do and I am so blessed to be doing it!

Why am I blessed? I have had the honor of serving in ministry, being equipped and helping to equip the Church.  I have a beautiful wife, a loving family, awesome friends, and a heart for God.

My (Short) Story

I started out my career in IT, lecturing in Computer Systems after getting my Masters Degree in Informatics, and while I loved to teach, my

heart was always to be ministering in a Church either as a volunteer or a Pastor.  I was working 40 hours a week at Varsity and an extra 20 hours a week in my local Church.  As providence would have it I was approached by a Church looking for someone to Pastor their young people and after much prayer I accepted, and  haven’t looked back since. (I’ll share more with you guys in my next post!)

So Why the Boost Your Ministry Blog?

With this blog, I want to stimulate the kind of conversations and thinking that will give ministries and Pastors the boost they need in their Ministry in the Local Church.  Having worked in the Church for a number of years, I know how hard Ministry can be, but I also know that Ministry can be enriched through the right connections, advice and new ways of thinking about time tested Ministry.

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And finally, please take note:

I don’t consider myself a guru, and the things I share here are often from my own experience, so take what you can and dismiss the rest. As my wife loves to say: “Chew the meat and spit out the bones…”

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you’ll drop me a comment and spread the word about my blog, and I hope to see you again sometime soon!



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About the Author:

Boost Your Ministry PTY (LTD) was born out of two Pastors’ desire to see the Church at its best. With more than 10 years of Ministry experience between us, we know the struggles of the average Church when it comes to communication and training. Our heart is to equip the saints and see the Church edified!

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